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How to Overcome Oppo Neo Bootloop without PC (All Oppo Neo Devices)

Fix Oppo Neo Bootloop without computer - Something you feel annoying is when your Oppo Neo  stucks on logo and always hang (Bootloop),  your forge the key pattern or password or stops forcefully when opening the application. Thoese a variety of common problems usually faced by mostly Oppo users.

Well, to overcome those problems, you usually take it directly to the service center, through this article we will share the knowledge and experience how to fix Oppo Neo bootloop by flashing and no need to use a PC or computer.

As is known Oppo Neo consists of several types, namely: Oppo Neo, Oppo Neo 3, Oppo Neo 5 and Oppo Neo 7. So in this tutorial, we present a full set for you how to overcome bootloop for all types of Oppo Neo. The general way commonly used for flashing the firmware is using a Computer or PC.

Well, even though we have a PC, maybe later when we do Flashing, we are attached to the Tool to connect between phone and PC (driver), Flashing software (for example Flashtool) and of course also Stock Rom Firmware. Oppo has advantages in terms of ease of doing this Flashing. Recovery mode (Hard reset) is provided by Oppo to solve various problems mentioned above. Immediately we start the Oppo Neo Bootloop tackle guide or just exit the Oppo logo with Flash Firmware Without a PC.

To overcome Oppo Neo Bootloop without a PC, we need to prepare the material first. The material needed is none other than the Oppo Neo Firmware. You can get the Oppo Neo firmware through the following link. Select the Oppo Firmware according to your Oppo Neo type.

Download Oppo Neo firmware:
  1. Oppo Neo firmware (R831_11.A.10_OTA_INT_010_all_140828) -> Link
  2. Oppo Neo 3 firmware (R831K_11.A.17_OTA_INT_017_all_151229) -> Link
  3. Oppo Neo 5 firmware (1201EX_11.A.14_OTA_INT_014_all_160427) -> Link
  4. Oppo Neo 7 firmware (A33wEX_11_OTA_012_all_201603261401) -> Link
Steps to overcome Oppo Neo bootloop without PC or Computer
  • Enter your Oppo Neo Firmware into SD Card. Make sure the SD Card that contains the firmware is installed in the Oppo Neo cellphone that we will flash.
  • Turn off your Oppo Neo. If you are bootloop, remove the battery to turn it off, and if it is dead, replace the battery.
  • Press and hold the Volume key down + the Power button simultaneously until the Oppo logo appears and Recovery Mode is written in the lower left corner. If so, release the button that you pressed.
  • Select the language you want to use. Recovery OPPO has been supported by touchscreen operation, if the touch screen does not work in this state, you can use Volume Up / Down to navigate and use the Power / Power Button to confirm.
  •   Select "Wipe data and cache" to make a clean Flashing installation. Then press "Yes".
  •   Select "Install from sd" (external memory).
  •   Search and Select the firmware that you have previously placed into the SD Card. If you have found press "Yes". The flashing process will be completed in a few minutes, please wait.
  •   Press "Reboot" if the installation is complete.

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