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Installing Global ROM MIUI 9 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 MTK Without Unlock Bootloader

Install Global ROM MIUI 9 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Mediatek Without UBL - Well, in this article, Freepiu makes a tutorial how to install "Global" ROM on Redmi Note 3 MTK without having to unlock bootloader first and without TWRP because ROM that we share here is fastboot ROM. As you know, almost the method to install ROM needs to unlock bootloader first and uses TWRP, but in this article ease you to install ROM with simple method.

Why does the word Global always use quotation marks? Since there is no Global ROM for Redmi Note 3 MediaTek, the original ROM is the Chinese ROM. You may have the question "which ROM Freepiu would share in this article?" the answer is Multi ROM. Russian ROM which is modified from MIUI ROM. This ROM includes the Google Play Store and supports the Indonesian language (if you're Indonesian people). If you're not looking for Indonesia ROM, you can change it with different ROM by finding and installing the ROM you want with.

To make you understand and get the perfect result for installing this ROM, please read and follow the instruction carefully:

Preparation and Requirement
  • Make sure your smartphone is in full charged or at least 50% battery capacity; (It is mandatory, and do not try to continue this tutorial if your battery is less than 50% because it causes a fatal effect for your smartphone!).
  • USB cable with good quality.
  • PC/Laptop with Windows 7 OS or up by disabling the driver signature.
Steps to Install Global ROM MIUI 9 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 MTK

  • Until the display appears as follows:

  • Then click the Download Agent button:

  • Navigate to the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file that is located in the SP-Flash-Tool-v5.1532.00 folder:

  • After that click Open. Next, click Scatter-loading button:

  • Navigate to the MT6795_Android_scatter.txt file that is located in the /images folder the extracted of ROM:

  • Until the end result becomes as shown below:

  • Uncheck the userdata so that the data in your Internal Storage is not deleted (optional).
  • Make sure in the selected dropdown option Download only, then click the Download button:

  • Next, turn off your smartphone.
  • Press and hold Volume Down button and immediately connect your Redmi Note 3 MTK to your PC / Laptop using the USB cable until Red Bar appears at the bottom of SP Flash Tools (if your device is detected).

  • Keep hold of the Volume Down button and release if the Red Bar is already changed to Yellow, which means the flashing process is running:

  • Wait for the process until the Yellow Bar finishes completely and flashing process successfully marked with the green checklist as follows below:

  • Until this stage the flashing process is complete and try to turn on your phone by pressing the Power button a little longer than usual.
  • The first boot process will take longer than usual, this is normal. Just wait until enter Homescreen and do reset
  • Here are the results on what Freepiu did for Redmi Note 3 MTK:

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