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2 Ways to Boot Into Recovery Mode / TWRP on Xiaomi Devices

Howw to Boot Into Recovery Mode on Xiaomi Smartphones - Recovery Mode is a tool used by android users to perform wipe data, rooting, installing custom ROM, flashing, to backup restore and many other uses. Almost all Android phones have a recovery system, but usually to get into Recovery Mode can be different depending on each brand / brand of your smartphone device.

For Xiaomi itself, getting into Recovery Mode can be done in 3 different ways. Choose one of the easiest ways you think. The simple question you may have for Freepiu is "How to boot into recovery mode on Xiaomi smartphones?" to get the detail explanation, please and read the instruction below carefully:

1. Boot Into Recovery Mode / TWRP by Pressing physical button
The simplest way to get into Recovery Mode on Xiaomi is by pressing the physical button on your device.

Turn off the smartphone, then turn it on by pressing the Power + Volume Up button simultaneously for a while until the MI logo appears, then release. In a few moments, you will get into Mi Recovery or TWRP Recovery.

In certain Xiaomi series such as Redmi variant, after pressing Power + Volume Up button, you will not directly be presented Mi Recovery or TWRP Recovery menu, but still first to Chinese language page as follows:

To go to Mi Recovery or TWRP Recovery, select recovery then blue button.

2. Boot Into Recovery Mode / TWRP Through Updater Application
The next way to get into Recovery Mode is through the MIUI default Updater application.

Launch the Updater application or it can also go through Settings > About Phone > System updates (bottom icon) then tap point three in the top right corner, select Reboot to Recovery mode.

In a moment, your Xiaomi smartphone will restart and go into Recovery Mode.

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