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Unlock Bootloader (UBL) Xiaomi Devices and How to Do it

Request Unlock Bootloader for Xiaomi - Since mid-2016, all Xiaomi ROMs released to the public are already using a locked bootloader system. This aims to reduce the chances of easily making fake Xiaomi device that began to circulate in the market.

But with the locked ROM, making some Xiaomi users who want tweak a little overwhelmed because they have to ask permission first to unlock the bootloader device. This is the impact of the number of Xiaomi smartphones that circulate in Indonesia is still using Chinese ROM or unstable ROM from the distributor, because usually Xiaomi devices that go to Indonesia, not through official channels.

For this reason, it is a lot of Xiaomi users have to unlock the bootloader first if they want to replace Chinese ROM or unstable ROM distributor into Custom ROM.

To unlock the Xiaomi bootloader, you must send a request by registering on and waiting for the approval SMS as we call it unlock bootloader.

This way applies to all Xiaomi devices ranging from Mi4C, Redmi 4 Series (Redmi 4X / 4A / Prime), Redmi Note 3, Redmi 5 Series, Redmi Note 5 Series, Mi Note Series, Redmi 3 / Pro, Mi4I, Mi5 Series ( MI 5 / 5S / 5S Plus / Mi 5X), MI 6 and all Xiaomi smartphones released in 2016 and up.

But before performing unlock bootloader, Freepiu is going to explain what unlock bootloader is.

What is Unlock Bootloader?

All Android devices must have a bootloader that works to steer the OS kernel to boot normally. Since every Android OS is open source and has different types of hardware, each OEM also has its own version of the bootloader specification for the hardware used. That's why the ROM of each brand of Android device is always different

In fact, almost all Android devices use a locked bootloader system because the average OEM wants users to keep using the ROMs they have designed for the device. With the locked bootloader, then to flashing Custom ROM, Root or installing Custom Recovery is almost impossible. Although there are some OEMs that enforce cancellation of warranty when their Android device unlock the bootloader.

In order for your smartphone to be installed Custom Recovery, Custom ROM to Rooted, then the first step you should do is unlock the bootloader of your devices.

What are the Disadvantages and Advantages of Unlock Bootloader?

If you're a Xiaomi user with mediocre level, that means using a smartphone just to communicate with colleagues, social media, browsing and you're quite happy with the Xiaomi device you're currently using with all its features, you do not have to unlock the bootloader.

But, if you want "more" of your Android smartphone, then unlock the bootloader of your Android smartphone is a must. What are the advantages and disadvantages of performing unlock bootloader Let's check out the following explanation below:

Disadvantages after unlock bootloader:

  • Securely, your Android smartphone is becoming more vulnerable to malware attacks that could lead to stolen or lost important data on your smartphone (It depends on the user as well).
  • Some features or applications that require high levels of security such as banking applications may no longer be available, but for the users in Indonesia we can still install mobile banking applications (unless Android smartphone has been rooted).
Advantages after unlock bootloader:
  • After perform unlock bootloader, you can install Custom ROM, root, install XPOSED, TWRP and much others.
  • You can tweak, modify it to improve your smartphone performance.
  • Does unlock bootloader make Android smartphone so slow? Nothing, it doesn't at all.
Easy Way to Unlock Bootloader (UBL) Xiaomi All Types (Complete)

Xiaomi by default has locked bootloader (locked) all the latest ROM to protect user data and also protect its users from the fake smartphone or unstable ROM.

Changes after bootloader locked:
  • Locked bootloader will not affect OTA updates (Over the air).
  • Likely to remove root access.
  • Recovery Mode is likely to change, to update via Recovery Mode will require PC Suite.
  • Smartphone whose bootloader is locked cannot update using MiFlash Tools. You need to unlock the bootloader first to use Fastboot ROM using MiFlash Tools.
Xiaomi locks bootloader by default on the latest ROM aims to provide a good experience for its users. However, you can still unlock the bootloader in an easy way and can tweak/replace ROM as usual after perform unlock the bootloader.

Unlock bootloader procedure is done by using internet connection with Mi Unlock Tools and require Mi Account to unlock process and it is not done by an irresponsible person.

The Right ROM During perform Unlock Bootloader Process
To simplify the process and minimize failure when unlocking bootloader, please use ROM Developer /Stable both Chinese ROM and Global ROM.

If using fake or unstable ROM, custom modified ROM or ROM (such as TWRP Non-UBL or Fix 4G installed), it definitely failed ..! If your Xiaomi smartphone uses unofficial ROM, replace with this global ROM.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader All Xiaomi Devices
  • Create Mi account, it is by going to Settings > Mi Account:

  • It's better you register it by using the phone number (not email) and Follow the next step until the Mi Account registration is completed:

  • For UBL request (Unlock Bootloader), go to (You can access it via computer/Android smartphone).
  • Click Unlock Now:

  • Scroll down slightly, change it to English:

  • Log in with the mobile phone number you registered in the previous Mi Account:

  • Next click Sign in (If you have not registered with Mi Forum, you will be prompted for Nickname). Fill as you wish but do not use spaces or strange characters, then click Activate:

  • Next, you will be directed to the Chinese-language Mi Forum. Do not get confused, just ignore it.
  • Back to and click Unlock Now:
  • Then fill in Name, Phone number and the reason why you want to unlock the bootloader of your smartphone. (If not directed to this page, but to the Mi Unlock Download page, clear your browser cache first or use a different browser):

  • Examples of the reasons we made "I want to try MIUI 9 because my Redmi 3X has a fake ROM .."
  • Based on my recent experience, if you want to get approval quickly, give the reason, for example, The smartphone experiences boot loop or hard brick so it must take a quick to unlock bootloader. But do not use the same reason let alone copy and paste results, or your request will definitely rejected!
  • Make reasonable excuses, less than 1 minute, your request will be accepted.
  • If so, check I Confirm then click Apply Now.
  • After this you will get a verification SMS, so make sure the mobile phone number you registered is active.
  • Fill the verification code you receive, and then click Next:

  • Your request to unlock the bootloader will be review:

  • Based on our experience, it takes about 2 hours to get the SMS confirmation:

  • But in some cases, it takes about 2 - 10 days to get SMS verification code.
How to Unlock Bootloader via Mi Unlock Tools
After creating the Mi Account and getting SMS approval, the next step is to unlock the bootloader with Mi Unlock Tools.

Preparation Before Unlock Bootloader

  • PC / Laptop with Windows 7 or up with stable internet connection;
  • Download Mi Unlock Tools at (Next extract and place on C: \ drive or in a folder without spaces);
  • Download and Install Xiaomi USB Driver
  • Enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

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