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How to Fix and Overcome Bootloop, Brick and Stuck on Logo for Oppo A39

Fix Bootloop Logo on Oppo A39 - Tutorial How To Overcome HP OPPO A39 Which ERROR Can Not Go Into Homescreen. Having an electronic device is fun but you also have to be ready to face the problems that may occur in your Smartphone. Almost all users of gadgets, especially Android smartphones have experienced problems such as just stuck or brick in the logo and this often happens and can happen to anyone whether it was intentional or not.

The problem we mentioned above is usually called bootloop which is where a system where android cannot boot or startup so it can not access the main menu or Homescreen.

There are 3 types of bootloop on the smartphone/tablet android, namely:
  • Lighter bootloop => when Android smartphone is turned on, can only go to main Menu but hang and restart again.
  • Medium bootloop => when turned on the android smartphone but it stopped at Boot Animations logo, but still can enter recovery menu.
  • Weight bootloop => when turned on android smartphone only able and hold up in Logo Boot animations, but can not access the recovery menu.

This time Freepiu will give a tutorial to overcome OPPO A39 bootloop, especially light and medium bootloop, for heavy bootloop case you have to take it to service center.

But you need to remember following this tutorial will cause all data deleted so it will be like when first bought it.

How to Overcome OPPO A39 The Bootloop

  • The next step, turn off your phone, then press the Volume Down and Power button simultaneously, hold down those buttons and release it when it turns on.
  • Later if successful will enter the menu called ColorOS Recovery

  • Select English
  • Then select Wipe data and Cache

  • After that select Install Sd option

  • Then locate and select the file you downloaded earlier.
  • Now please wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once it has finished automatically reboots itself.
  • If successful your Oppo A39 will go to the setup wizard menu

Now your OPPO A39 is back to normal. Please re-setup to enter Homescreen.

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