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Update Xiaomi Mi 4C ROM Lollipop to Custom ROM MIUI 9 Nougat Without UBL

How to Update Xiaomi Mi 4C ROM Lollipop to Custom ROM MIUI 9 Nougat Without UBL -This time Freepiu will share more tips for Mi 4C users how to update your ROM to MIUI 9 either ROM or MultiROM without doing UBL first.

Actually Freepiu has written an article about how to update ROM to for this Mi 4C device, but the tutorial can update Mi4C ROM to Android Lollipop only, it can not get to Nougat because it can cause bootloop.

Well, this time we will try to update ROM Mi 4C in order to be from Lollipop to Nougat with a shorter step again.

How to Update Mi 4C ROM Lollipop Into Custom ROM MIUI 9 Nougat Without UBL

Materials and Requirements:
Using ROMs that have been UBL (Unlocked Bootloader)

Select the ROM you want:
Download »ZCX-TWRP_MI4C.img - 52 MB (TWRP by BY-XM).
Download - 1 MB (Disable DM-Verity to prevent bootloop).
Download and extract - 78 MB (put extract results in C: \ drive or in a folder without spaces).

Backup your data and file is important because this process will erase all data in your Mi 4C!
How to update Xiaomi Mi 4C ROM Lollipop to Custom ROM MIUI 9 Nougat
After downloading and fulfilling the above requirements, I assume that you have installed the required drivers as.
  • Turn off the Mi 4C and turn it on by pressing the Power + Vol Down button to enter fastboot mode. The following picture below is a display of fastboot mode:

  • Then run DoubleKlikSaya.bat on ToolkitTWRP that you have extracted before:

  • There will appear a display like this:

  • You must select menu number 1, because the ROM currently installed on your device is Lollipop.
  • Furthermore, TWRP installation process will run automatically. If successful, a notification will appear such a the image below:

  • After that your Mi 4C will get into TWRP SuperLuminal automatically like this:

  • The first step you should take is to do Full Wipe. Why does this need to be done? Since you want to install a Nougat ROM, so the current ROM should be "cleaned" from your Mi 4C ..
  • Choose Wipe >> Advance Wipe:

  • Next check the option "Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data, Internal Storage, Cache";
  • If it is done, swipe right on "Swipe to Wipe":

  • Wait for the process to finish, usually marked with notification "done", then you must choose Back!
  • Still in TWRP Recovery (Team Superluminal) mode, copy the ZCX-TWRP_MI4C.img file to your Mi 4C Internal Storage.
  • If so, select Install >> Install Image:

  • Then navigate to the ZCX-TWRP_MI4C.img file:

  • Then slide on "Swipe to Confirm Flash".
  • Wait for the process to finish and select Back!

  • After returning to the TWRP home page, select Reboot >> Recovery:

  • Then Swipe to Reboot!

  • Notice, there is currently no OS installed on your Mi 4C ..!
  • In this moment your Mi 4C will restart and re-enter TWRP Recovery but already using TWRP from ZCX by BY-XM as follows:

When the first time you use TWRP, it will probably be frozen for a moment, just wait. TWRP is using the Chinese language, change the language  How To Replace Chinese ZCX TWRP By BY ~ XM Into English.

Maybe you ask, why do not you just put TWRP from ZCX on the material above? Yes .. I've tried to do it, TWRP successfully installed but it's frozen endless, for whatever reason and I have done it repeatedly.

After successfully logging into TWRP ZCX by BY-XM, copy the ROM file you want along with the file on the material above.

For example I want to install ROM from MIUI 9 v.;

  • Select Install:

  • and tap on the ROM you want.
  • Next slide on "Swipe to Confirm Flash".

  • Wait for the process to finish, usually, it's marked with notification "done", then select Back (arrow to left) to return to TWRP home page.
  • Then do the same thing in the file:

  • Next:

  • If so, Reboot to System.
  • Your Mi 4C will restart to TWRP once again, then select Reboot System again.
  • Up to this point the process of installing ROM MIUI 9 with Android-based Nougat has been completed.

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