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Installing TWRP for Oppo A37F Without Computer

TWRP Recovery for Oppo A37F Without PC / Computer - Oppo is not to be outdone by its competitors. Moreover, it has been circulating some smartphones which in lower middle class, such as Xiaomi Redmi 4x and Samsung Galaxy J3 which has mastered the market first. Well though, Oppo finally released its medium-sized smartphone in June 2016 which was named Oppo A37 (Neo 9).
twrp oppo a37f
The launch of Oppo A37 product is a great opportunity for this Chinese vendor because the number of smartphones on the market with more sophisticated specifications but the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, Oppo released Oppo A37 smartphone in the hope of enlivening the market with sufficient specifications and relatively with cheap price.

This is deliberately done by Oppo to be able to cover various segments of its body and Oppo A37 specifications are categorized fairly supported with a cheap price. Oppo was sure, that Oppo A37 is also likely to become a big challenger in this gadget market because Oppo already has a good brand in the eyes of the public.

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In this chance, Freepiu is going to discuss something may interesting for Oppo A37f users it's about Oppo A37F twrp download and the method to install twrp on Oppo A37f. After doing cwm recovery for Oppo a37f you can continue to install twrp and after that root it with the method as you want.

Material and Equipment:
  • Oppo A37F
  • A stable internet connection.
Steps to Install TWRP Oppo A37F via Oppo Tools
  • Download Oppo Tool v1.6.5 and then install it:

  • Once Oppo Tool is installed, launch and select "Common" tab and tap "Root":

  • The rooting process will be running and restarting your Oppo A37F. This takes a few moments until rooting process will be completed. Usually, there will be updating notification apps etc, just let it be. Once rooting process is completed, check whether SuperSU has been installed or not, see the following picture below:

  • If SuperSU application appears, congrats! means your Oppo A37F has been rooted successfully via Oppo Tools.
Steps to Install TWRP on Oppo A37F Without Computer
  • Download TWRP Recovery Oppo A37.
  • Download the application named Rashr on Play Store. 
  • Install and launch the application, give root access if it's needed.
  • On the Rashr menu, select "Recover from Storage":

  • After that a message that asks you to select file will appear, choose img file TWRP Recovery Oppo A37 you've downloaded before:

  • There will be a warning message, just continue by pressing "Yes, please":

  • TWRP installation will be running.
  • Once the installation process is completed, Rashr will ask you to reboot, just select Yes.
  • Congrats! you've installed TWRP on your Oppo A37F without a computer.

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